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About HealthTek Global

Empowering Healthcare Innovation

HealthTek Global is a leader in delivering information technology professionals and solutions for management initiatives to the healthcare industry. We are a national company that services the healthcare IT needs of children’s hospitals, rural hospitals, health technology firms, and large health systems. HealthTek develops relationships and advises organizations about how to best approach their IT, infrastructure, budgetary, and management needs. We identify challenges and offer tools and guidance to make sure that your systems are implemented correctly and seamlessly.

Leadership Team

The leadership team at HealthTek Global is committed to acting responsibly and providing objective, informed guidance. Our clients and partners rely on us for the safe, ethical, and operational delivery of our solutions on a daily basis. We demand a strong commitment from our leadership team, and we work hard to meet the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all of our business operations.

Our leadership team is comprised of veterans in the field of healthcare IT consulting. We know the hospital business from the bottom up, and bring with us experience, knowledge, and expertise that
spans all aspects of healthcare services.