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EHR System Upgrade
Case Study


Our client is a hospital that faced the growing pressure of updating its Electronic Health Record System (EHR). Competitors in the market implemented a new EHR system called Epic, and this hospital was a stage 7 organization with an existing optimized system. They needed to hire a staff that would be responsible for implementing the new system on an operating budget that was less than 3% of its overall revenue.

  • Recruit 85 project team members
  • Training
  • Competition (a local competing Health System was implementing at the same time)


We addressed their challenges by implementing new candidate selection and interview process that targets local IT and Healthcare professionals. Our solution included:

  • 1000 potential applicants were locally sourced, from which our team successfully identified 237 potential applicants who demonstrated the aptitude, behavioral and competency required
  • Assigned a primary point of contact, responsible for keeping the project on-time and on-budget
  • Implemented a 12-week training program


Our solution addressed finding top level talent within and outside the organization. The new interview process successfully identified the right team members based on their aptitudes, behaviors, and competencies.

  • The target team of 85 qualified local professionals was met ahead of the deadline
  • Training and project implementation were launched on-time and under budget
  • 95% of the initial hires completed training successfully
  • Fast, sustainable and high quality hiring process
  • Over $20 Million in savings over the course of 2 years

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Hired & Trained
85 Qualified


Under Budget

Training Program