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Hospital Systems Integration
Case Study


A major hospital system that used Cerner as their Electronic Health Record System (EHR) had recently acquired a smaller hospital using Epic as their EHR software. After the acquisition, the hospital struggled to find the partner that would merge teams and EHR Systems from both hospitals. The executive management team needed to have the systems integration completed within 13 months. Determined to meet their goal, the hospital hired us to implement a customized, timely, and cost efficient solution.

  • Strict deadline
  • Two major EHR Systems needed to be merged into one
  • No training program available for incoming staff


As most employees were already familiar with Cerner, and the Epic contract was close to expiring, the decision was unanimous to phase out Epic from its IT operations. Our first step was to create EHR steering commitee. The EHR steering commitee compiled a needs analysis, established a timeline for project completion, and developed a training structure to unify employees from both hospitals. To complete the complex data migration without disrupting ongoing daily operations, we hired a team of experts experienced in data migration for EHR Systems.

  • Needs Analysis: data gathering and understanding of overall hospital environment
  • Established a project timeline of 13 months till completion
  • Established a 12-week Cerner training program for all employees from both hospitals


As the training program started, visible changes began. The hostile environment became friendlier, workflow started getting smoother, and staff moral skyrocketed as employees were working and training together.

  • Systems integration was successfully completed in 13 months
  • $2 Million in savings
  • Improved culture / employee morale
  • Sourced and hired 25 qualified professionals
  • Retention rate of 95%
  • Maintained a monthly schedule to measure results and keep up with hiring demands