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Anyone with experience in healthcare IT knows one thing for sure: there are few things more challenging than managing a large-scale implementation while minimizing disruption. The process of managing high-level change and transformation within a healthcare organization is a little bit like trying to change a car’s tires while driving down the highway. Without the right expertise and support, you’re risking more than lost time and money. Your patients’ lives are in the hands of not just your hospital’s staff, but the effectiveness of the tools they rely on as well.

Of course, few hospitals and healthcare organizations have IT teams that are large enough to manage a major IT implementation without external support. Plus, change management hinges on a combination of soft skills like careful delegation and clear communication, with more technical abilities like staff training and budgeting.

At HealthTek, we understand the nuances of successful change management — and it shows in our process. From early process planning to later-stage delivery and consultation, it’s our mission to level-up change management for our clients. So what exactly is it that powers next level change management for healthcare IT, and how can your organization benefit from working with leaders like HealthTek?


When it comes to next level healthcare change management, people matter more than the tech and the process combined. Why? Because people will ultimately drive forward your strategy by solving problems, boosting morale and getting your entire team on board with a large-scale IT project.

Bringing in the Right Talent

For any major IT implementation, it’s critical to have the right people to drive your strategy forward. Next level change management demands a special focus on talent — both identifying the right people within a healthcare organization as well as analyzing expertise and knowledge gaps that new talent needs to fill.

Successful change management requires unique expertise in finding people that not only meet a role’s technical requirements, but has the interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively with stakeholders and effectively manage expectations every step of the way.

Training Management

A major HIT implementation begins and ends with effective training — from empowering IT teams to effectively pitch their projects, to getting staff and healthcare professionals comfortable using new systems and tools.

Dedicated trainers are essential to HIT projects, since they are ultimately responsible for getting a project “across the finish line”. Next level change management made possible by HealthTek puts training and onboarding at its core.

Creating Avenues for Continued Communication

Just consider all of the stakeholders impacted by a major IT initiative — healthcare staff, patients, and vendors just to name a few. It’s inevitable that stakeholders within every one of these categories will have something to say about a project’s implementation, even if they are not directly involved in that process.

Next level change management requires having the right people on the ground to operate as your team’s “eyes and ears” to funnel complaints, concerns and feedback from critical stakeholders into an actionable format. These on-the-ground change management professionals act as real-life “suggestion boxes”, equipped to not only gather critical insights from your team, but empower your organization to use it effectively.


No HIT implementation happens without careful strategic planning from the very beginning. Even after getting key stakeholders on board with a central vision, creating a process through which an implementation can be rolled out efficiently and effectively is a key component in next level change management.

Change Managers

Next level change management requires the utilization of skilled change managers to establish clear processes — essentially the “cartographers” able to develop a clear map for project stakeholders to follow. These strategic process planners are highly experienced in HIT implementation, and are able to anticipate and avoid common pitfalls and while maximizing opportunities for efficiency.

Creating a Data-Driven Common Mission

It’s common for major IT implementations to never make the leap from idealism to pragmatism, especially in the case of a highly ambitious HIT initiative. Creating a data-driven mission that everyone can understand and get behind makes the implementation process easier to manage and move forward. Expertly-managed processes in next level change management are rooted in these data-driven missions, consistently reinforcing the “why” and “how” of your HIT project with data.

Creating Milestones

Maintaining your team’s morale and energy requires careful process planning with clear, deliberate milestones. These milestones act as benchmarks for project success, and allow for greater flexibility while maintaining consistent momentum toward project goals.

Next level change management demands that these milestones be identified and committed to from a project’s outset in order to create a sense of progress even in the most challenging periods of an implementation.


Change management in the 21st Century is powered by more than sheer manpower. Next level change management leaders like HealthTek put a special focus on efficiency and productivity made possible by technology. By leveraging and implementing the right partnerships and technology from a project’s outset, you’ll minimize disruption and maximize your resources.

The Right Partnerships for the Right Projects

Healthcare change management today is never a one-size-fits-all approach. The expectations of patients have never been higher, and the needs and requirements of every project is different. Next level change managers understand how a diverse portfolio of partners and options allow for a more customized, curated solution for healthcare organizations.

Curated Tech

Maximizing efficiency in next level change management means recognizing opportunities to utilize the right technology. Whether it’s data migration, platform upgrades or wholesale adoption of new technology, next level change management uses only the right tech at the right time. Since HealthTek has managed several implementations from both the client and vendor side, we are able to quickly identify which technology will add value while avoiding unnecessary complications.

Tech for Global Solutions

An increasingly globalized society no longer operates solely within the physical world. Technology allows teams in disparate locations to collaborate, coordinate and move forward in lock-step without costing your organization thousands in travel costs. Next level change management leverages technology in order to connect teams and stakeholders no matter their location to enhance team effectiveness.

The Bottom Line

What should you be looking for when searching for the right partner in a major IT implementation? Look for a team that understands the critical role of People, Process and Technology in achieving HIT implementation success. Look for the experienced problem-solvers that don’t simply rest on their laurels, but are actively upgrading their services to provide best-in-class service.

All in all, next level change management is all about moving forward. At HealthTek, it’s our mission to empower healthcare innovation through our industry expertise as well as our dedication to constant improvement. If you’re ready to move your healthcare organization forward, do it with a partner you can trust. We created a tip sheet for successful healthcare IT projects. Click here to receive your tip sheet and start your next project on the right foot.

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